An experiment in 3-D

Tsurayuki poem

37 x 12 inches

The artwork is bent wire based on Yoko Nishina’s calligraphy of a poem by Ki no Tsurayuki from the imperial poetry collection called Kokinshū. The lines are hung from a removable frame by invisible fishing lines—just far enough away from the background to cast shadows.

吉野河きしの山吹ふく風に 底の影さへうつろひにけり(貫之・古今集124)

(よしのがは きしのやまぶき ふくかぜに そこのかげさへ うつろひにけり)

Yoshinogawa kishi no yamabuki fuku kaze ni soko no kage sae utsuroi ni keri

At Yoshino River, the mountain roses at the riverbank / in the blowing wind / even the reflections in the depths / are scattered.

The interior yellow material is salvaged momigami paper in a color often called “yamabuki” (mountain rose.) The “frame” is balsa wood covered with dark gold damask silk. The finials are brown and black lacquered glass.