Hidefumi Katsuura




Born in Japan, educated in higher mathematics in the U.S., Hidefumi is a professor of Mathematics at San Jose State University. He is also an astoundingly creative woodworker, with a passion for using Japanese hand tools like planers, chisels and hand saws for detail and intricate construction. He also makes bowls on a wood-lathe, especially favoring salvaged redwood and Douglas fir. Sometimes he joins woodworking and mathematics to make beautiful models illustrating geometrical and topological constructs.

a small torus-shaped redwood container

the five platonic solids

large bowl with burl and dried seaweed arrangement

a 2.75 inch cube sliced in half from a corner to the neighboring side midpoint.

different facets painted.

Move one side to form a parallelepiped.

I propose naming this fascinating form a Katsuuragram!

two lidded containers of

Douglas fir

container of

Port Orford cedar

salad bowl made from salvaged Douglas fir beam

front and back of a small ceremonial matcha tea container. The dark mark on the front is from a knot in the Douglas fir. That on the right is oxidation from an old nail.

a burr puzzle illustrating joinery techniques

nine of these 6-piece burrs make up the puzzle above.

front and back of a redwood matcha tea bowl.

left to right. From Douglas fir—a single rhombic dodecahedron; a 6-dodecahedron figure; six of those make up the figure on the right, and six of THOSE (216 units) make up the figure below.