Katherine Le Cray from Nashville, TN, wrote me to say the kind of glass wind chimes described in Essay 37, “Cool Wind Arrives,” are available from The Vermont Country Store. She even sent a clipping from their catalog. They look nicer than the ones I remember from my childhood...

Jon Vos, from Oxford (U.K.) tells me that in essay 53, “Leaves Turn Yellow and Fall”, I have mistakenly said that “Venushaar” is the Dutch name for the ginkgo tree. In fact the word only refers to ferns in the Adiantum family--those called “maidenhair” in English.

At a reading at Mrs. Dalloways’ bookstore in Emeryville, CA, a gentleman came up to me and pointed out that I misspelled bandleader Glenn Miller’s name in essay 10, “Swallows Return.” I had written “Glen.”

Errata and comments from readers

Poet and translator Hiroaki Sato has pointed out that my translation of a famous poem by Saigyô in unit 53 diverges greatly from accepted interpretations. Click here to compare.

Professor Michiko Yusa at Western Washington University, points out that in essay 53, “Leaves Turn Yellow and Fall” I mistakenly state that Sei Shônagon ignores maples. In fact she mentions them at least three times in The Pillow Book. Click here for an example.