Fujiwara Kane'ie (929-990) was the influential statesman who consolidated the control of his branch of the Fujiwara clan over the government by locking up the position of regent. The emperor was strongly encouraged to make a Fujiwara daughter his chief consort, so imperial boys thus were grandsons of the Fujiwaras through their maternal line.

   Kane'ie's daughter Senshi was empress to Emperor Enyû, and his daughter Chôshi was chief consort to the crown prince. (Chôshi's mysterious death by spirits is recounted in my book.) His sons Michitaka, Michikane, and Michinaga all succeeded him to the regency in turn. The politics of the court rivalries at the time are described in my story, for they affected everyone, including Murasaki and her family.

    Kane'ie is also the husband of the woman I have called "Auntie," a sister of Murasaki's maternal grandmother. This woman authored the famous Gossamer Diary (Kagero Nikki), in which she complains bitterly of Kane'ie's treatment of her.