Fudō-in in Kamakura

(Fudō-in is fictional)

The temple I call Fudō-in, where Noboru Tokuda is a priest, is based on a famous temple of the Pure Land sect called Hasedera in Kamakura. This temple has a large cemetery catering to mizuko, dead children and aborted fetuses. It also houses the tall gilt wooden eleven-faced Guan Yin statue that Philip was so keen to visit.

Kannon Hall at Hasedera

view over Sagami Bay from Hasedera

Jizō as babies

Memorialized mizuko

Hall where Philip intoned the Heart Sutra

rows of Jizō commemorating mizuko

more Jizō at Hasedera

Hasedera Kannon

Jizō statues

Jizō in bib and cap