Aizen Myō-ō

hibutsu at Saidaiji

God of Love

Aizen means literally “steeped in love,” which is why this uncommonly fierce-looking guardian deity is called “the god of love.” He is one of the five kings of mystical knowledge, whose wrath is directed at evil and ignorance. Aizen represents the state of passion love which may be transformed into compassion for all creatures. He is colored red, usually with six arms, holding a bell, a stick, a thunderbolt, a lotus, a bow, and an arrow. He also has a lion’s head entangled in his hair.

The seated Aizen image at Saidaiji is open to viewing on April 13-14 and from mid-October to mid-November.

Aizen Myō-ō


Saidaiji temple’s

hibutsu of Aizen


Aizen Hall

Aizen painting