Baby Toys

32 x 10 inches

This is a print of classic Japanese baby toys--soft dollies called otogibōkō, and a dog hariko-inu. I bought it at a Kyoto bookstore, from a pile of mold-damaged prints, wondering if I could get the stains out with a solution of peroxide treatment. (I should have taken a “before” picture, because the bottom of the print was quite black when I started. Although it is not pristine (I thought I had better stop because the paper was getting weak), you can now see the green color of the hariko-inu.

The main fabric is a moiré pattern vintage kimono silk, and there is a narrow suji edge of gold silk on either side of the picture.

ichimonji - The gold strips at top and bottom of the artwork are from a recycled damaged scroll.

 finials - The decorative finials at either end of the bottom roller are bamboo.

(shown with “wind weights” made from bone carved into the shape of feathers, with honey-colored beads and green leather string.)